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An experienced consultant in business improvement and transformational change with a proven track record in strategy and business planning in sales and marketing.  Includes experience in delivering CRM strategy; the development and design of business processes improvement; defining cost to serve; identifying process failure; and designing process performance monitors to improve stakeholder engagement in strategy.  

I specialize in strategy and business planning setting key performance indicators, that answer key performance questions, for balanced scorecards in business.  Strategy implies major organisational change and stakeholders adopt various positions according to the threats and opportunities afforded by business change.  

I am particularly interested in the power of stories shared in a strategy setting, using semiotic techniques to diagnose the interpretation of strategy that forces stakeholders to take a position on strategy. 

My research has developed a means by which the narrative conversation in strategy can be defined using semiotic tools.  This model provides insight into how stakeholders interpret strategy in a wide variety of contexts to validate a means of intervention to change the frame of the strategy narrative toward a more constructive colloquy.

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