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Semiotics in Strategy - Video

These short videos are designed to introduce you to the concept of semiotics in strategy and provide insight into the narrative turns that strategy may take as stakeholders struggle to interpret strategy artefacts in a positive light.

To understand the nature of strategy discourse, this model uses semiotics to reveal the way artefacts in strategy discourse are interpreted as participants regulates behaviour towards establishing a position in relation to strategy.  

Using semiotics, this model can diagnose gaps that exist between groups engaged in strategy conversation, helping stakeholders make sense of complexity providing a fresh perspective with new insight into the current narratives within your strategy group.

Membership of this group is wider than you think and goes beyond those who are directly involved in the development of your strategy, and they have power and influence to determine success or failure in strategy

Methodology: Decoding the Strategy Discourse

Analysis and Findings: Resolving the Interpretaion of Codes in the Strategy Discourse

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Lack of Attention to the Strategy Discourse

Case Study 2: Coding the Strategy Discourse

Case Study 3: Synchronising the Codes in Strategy Discourse

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