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Semiotic Diagnosis of Strategy

Is your strategy on the right course, how is it being interpreted?

  • £150 per hour

Service Description

Strategy discourse and narrative is a significant field of study within the realm of critical discourse analysis, but few researchers have attempted to apply semiotic theory to this area of research. However, our method of diagnosing your strategy through the lens of semiotics is a proven method that opens the door to significant future benefit to those engaged in the development of strategy. There is a symbiotic relationship between knowledge management and strategy discourse in those seeking to control strategic outcomes through storytelling and narrative. And strategy implementation is dependent upon knowledge management and the transfer of knowledge through strategy discourse. Strategic thinking as an intent-driven approach to strategy formulation that includes inquiry, reflection and discourse as knowledge is transferred through a dialogue that continually tests and challenges the underlying premise of the strategy. What strategists fail to realise is that each participant in strategy takes a position that has a different meaning for strategy. Those who take a position will determine the speed and direction of travel for your strategy. In an organisational setting strategy is usually regarded as univocal, in that there is only one p[position, but there are many other stories that can be regarded as emerging strategies that may be regarded as plurivocal. Deconstructing and contesting the realities of signs may reveal whose realities are privileged (univocal) and whose are suppressed (plurivocal). It is this diagnosis that provides with a more effective means of intervention in the development of the story. So, how secure is your strategy?

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